As a second language learner (Intermediate to advance level)

Basic Features of The Courses:

  • Join individually or group class online.

  • Easy and short steps to improve your Urdu language skills.

  • Improve your Urdu skills sitting at home.

  • Improve all four skills of Urdu language.

  • Enrich yourself from the flexibility of the course. You can design your course as per your requirements or research interest.

  • Enrich yourself from the skills of Indian Urdu linguists and scholars.

Online Urdu Learning Program

Urdu as a Second Language is designed for beginners who wants to learn Urdu language. Besides those who already have a working knowledge of the language and further want to improve their understanding of the language can hone their skill here. Through the online course, learners could gain an understanding of how to use Urdu effectively in the day to day interaction with the native speakers. The syllabus focuses on all four aspects of communications: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through this Online Urdu Learning Program learners can achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use, which can also form the basis for further, more in-depth language study.


Urdu as a medium of practical communication is aimed for those learners whose Urdu is not a first language/mother tongue but a lingua franca or language of study.

Online Urdu courses to suit
your learning style

Online Urdu courses to suit
your learning style

Online Urdu Course as per your need

Pay Attention

Before the start of Online Urdu course, we will check the ability of the students for two or three introductory classes for free. Formal classes will begin according to their ability and skills.

آن لائن کورس کی ابتد اسے قبل طلبہ و طالبات کی صلاحیت کا اندازہ کرنے کے لیے دو یا تینمفت تعارفی کلاسیز ہوں گے ۔ ان کی صلاحیت کے مطابق ہی آگے کے کورسیز شروع کیے جائیں گے۔

توجہ دیں

Course Details

نصاب کی تفصیلات

Online Urdu Beginners Course

Emphasis is to ensure the students to learn the script (vowels & consonants) and grammar from the very beginning. While learning the script a few words of daily usage will also be introduced. At this stage we will motivate students to learn more vocabularies for their needs.

Stage 1:

  • Introduction of Urdu Language                                                10 Hours
  • Urdu Sound System
  • Introduction of Vowel and Consonants
  • Practical Drills
  • cost of this course                                                                        100USD

Stage 2:

  • Conjugation                                                                                  20 Hours
  • Reading & Writing of words
  • Reading & writing of numerals
  • Introduction of Noun
  • Introduction of adjectives
  • Practical Drills
  • cost of this course                                                                        200USD

Stage 3:

  • Pronoun and “To Be”                                                                  20 Hours
  • Imperative Forms
  • Verbs
  • Practical Drills
  • cost of this course                                                                        200USD

Stage 4:

  • Interrogatives                                                                               10 hours
  • Postpositions
  • Possessive Forms
  • Grammar: The Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Oblique Forms
  • cost of this course                                                                        100USD

Stage 5:

  • Discussions                                                                                    Class as per the need
  • Lectures
  • Viewing Films and Drama
  • Listening Songs, Ghazal and News.
  • cost of this course                                                                        10 USD/ Per Hour

Online Intermediate Urdu Learning (Communications Skills)

Stage 1:

  • Reading text/ Newspaper                                                05 Hours
  • Writing text
  • Discussing text
  • Writing Paragraphs
  • cost of this course                                                                        75USD

Stage 2:

  • Advance Grammar                                                            10 Hours
  • Present Progressive Tense
  • Indirect Verb Construction
  • Use of wants, desire (چاہنا، چاہیے(
  • Past of to be (تھا ، تھے ، تھی)
  • Past Habitual Tense
  • Past Progressive Tense
  • Comprehending “ to have”
  • cost of this course                                                                        100USD

Stage 3:

  • Development of Communication Skill                            05 Hours
  • Speechand Dialogues
  • Writing on topics
  • cost of this course                                                                        75USD


Online Advance Urdu Learning

Stage 1:

  • Interaction                                                                                  15 Hours
  • Reading the text
  • Speech and Dialogues
  • Writing on topics
  • cost of this course                                                                        150USD


Design your course as per your need

Design a course that caters to your needs. You can choose your own level and modify it in a way that suits you. If you want to curate a special course for yourself, you can also talk to one of our experts who will guide you with the same. 

Fee structure

  • Cost for stage :01   ...........   150 USD

  • Cost for stage :02   ...........   150 USD

  • Cost for stage :03   ...........   150 USD

  • Cost for stage :04   ...........   100 USD

  • Cost for stage :05   ...........   150 USD

  • Cost for stage :06  ..........  will be decided after discussion

  • Cost for all courses: .......... 600 USD

Process To Join The Courses

Step 01

Register  yourself for live classes.

Step 02

After login select your  level of course.

Step 03

If you are not sure consult us and decide your level and get a free demo class.

Step 04

Choose your course and pay the course fee.